Page 92 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
P. 92


                              The priority matrix structuring device was utilized to identify training

                       needs.  The degree of possession ratings was compared with the degree of

                       importance ratings.  International marketing training categories were established

                       based on: (1) low possession and high importance; (2) medium possession and

                       high importance; and (3) low possession and medium importance.

                              The study results indicated that, while none of the sixty-six skills fell into

                       the top training category, twenty-three skills were placed into the second training

                       category, and one was placed into the third.

                              The ten skills rated as having the highest international marketing training

                       priority were how to: (1) explore other promotional alternatives that may be

                       characteristic of a given country; (2) identify and abide by legal issues relative to

                       foreign promotion; (3) assess foreign market size and potential; (4) evaluate and

                       select appropriate promotional mix; (5) write and implement an international

                       marketing plan; (6) evaluate and select appropriate foreign market entry

                       alternatives; (7) adapt to foreign business practices, cultural differences, and

                       protocol; (8) select, recruit, compensate, train, and manage an international

                       sales force; (9) analyze import/export government regulations; and (10) secure

                       foreign country/government approvals (product, safety, environmental, and

                       quality standards).

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