Page 93 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              This study identified the necessary skills for effective international

                       marketing, attached degrees of importance to each of these skills, determined

                       the degrees to which employees of small and medium-sized actively exporting

                       companies possessed these skills, and prioritized international marketing

                       training needs based on the findings.  There are three major managerial

                       implications based on the findings.  The first two conclusions are presented for

                       academicians and corporate training personnel to consider as they develop

                       international marketing training programs.  The third conclusion is presented for

                       corporate managers to utilize as an assessment tool when gauging readiness to

                       conduct international marketing activities.

                              1.  Since small and medium-sized actively-exporting companies

                       indicated that their employees had medium or higher degrees of

                       possession across 99 percent of the skills, there may be some reluctance

                       to engage in training programs, unless the payoff is obvious.

                              These companies will probably not attach urgency toward participation in

                       international marketing training programs, because they perceive that they

                       already possess a high enough degree of skill in most of the international

                       marketing areas.  The results probably would have been much different had a

                       population of companies with little or no export experience, or companies, which

                       tried to export unsuccessfully, been surveyed.

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