Page 94 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              The results are most meaningful when applied to marketing training

                       programs to companies who are actively engaged in exporting.  These

                       companies will probably be hesitant to participate in training programs related to

                       areas where they perceive they already possess what they consider to be

                       "adequate" skills.  This means that emphasis should be placed on why

                       "adequate" levels of skills in international marketing are no longer acceptable,

                       especially in a competitive global economy.  The advertising emphasis when

                       marketing these types of training programs to small and medium-sized actively-

                       exporting companies should be placed on the importance of updating

                       international marketing skills; that what is considered to be "adequate" today,

                       may not be considered to be "adequate" tomorrow.

                              2.  Skills falling into the international promotional skill category,

                       should be the topic most emphasized when offering international

                       marketing training programs to small and medium-sized-actively exporting


                              Small and medium-sized actively-exporting companies perceived the

                       promotional skill category to be their most deficient.  Five out of the ten skills

                       "possessed the least," and none of the ten skills "possessed the most," fell into

                       the promotional skill category.  Respondents from exporting companies

                       perceived none of the promotional skills among their strongest. However, half of

                       their weakest skills overall were promotional skills.

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