Page 95 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              Based on their raw importance ratings, six of the promotional skills were

                       of high importance and six were of medium importance.  While the Delphi panel

                       did agree on the importance level of the one promotional skill rated as being

                       among the ten overall most important, the panel disagreed on the importance

                       level of six of the twelve skills that constituted the promotional skill category, of

                       which three were rated as being among the ten overall least important.  This

                       suggests that the expert panel members did not concur that any of the

                       promotional skills should be ranked among the ten overall least important.

                       Training priorities, through the use of the priority matrix, however, were not

                       based on importance ratings alone; they were based on combinations of

                       importance and possession ratings.

                              International promotional skills have clearly dominated as the top

                       international marketing training category.  The results of this study indicated that

                       three promotional skills were placed within the top four training priorities overall:

                       (1) explore other promotional alternatives that may be characteristic of a given

                       country (priority one); (2) identify and abide by legal issues relative to foreign

                       promotion (priority two); and (3) evaluate and select appropriate promotional mix

                       (priority four).

                              It thus becomes evident that the international promotional skill category

                       should be the topic most emphasized when offering international marketing

                       training programs to small and medium-sized actively-exporting companies as

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