Page 96 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       we consider the following facts: (1) respondents of actively-exporting companies

                       stated that promotional skills were their weakest area; (2) a panel of experts

                       agree that one promotional skill ranks among the ten most important

                       international marketing skills, even though they disagree somewhat about

                       whether any of the promotional skills should be among the ten least important;

                       and (3) three of the top four overall training priorities fell into the international

                       promotional skill category.

                              3.  This study has produced a new tool for assessing the extent of

                       international marketing skills within companies.

                              Since no method existed for companies to find out whether or not they

                       had the necessary skills, for effective international marketing, one of the primary

                       purposes for this study was to identify essential skills needed.  This study

                       produced a comprehensive list of skills and identified which of those skills were

                       considered to be most important by a panel of international marketing experts,

                       against which a company can conduct an international marketing skills

                       assessment.  These skills cut across the general skill categories of planning and

                       operational skills, pricing skills, product skills, distribution skills, and promotional

                       skills.  Of the sixty-six skills identified by members of a panel of experts as being

                       needed for effective international marketing, the panel agreed that twenty-one

                       were highly important.

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