Page 97 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                              Companies should use the assessment instrument to survey employees

                       for their perceived level of possession for each of the skills, as well as for

                       examples of specific competencies they possess that relate to each of the skills.

                       In order to get the most unbiased response, the company should set the stage

                       for the assessment by explaining to employees that low possession ratings may

                       simply be due to the fact that the skill may not be entirely applicable to their job,

                       or perhaps that it may be an area in which the company needs to provide

                       additional training emphasis.

                              The instrument should direct employees to augment each skill with

                       employee-specific competencies they feel they possess, whether or not the area

                       is applicable to their present job duties.  They should also indicate whether or

                       not they feel that each of the skills is applicable to their particular job duties, and

                       if applicable, they should indicate their perception about the degree that they

                       possess each of the skills, on a scale of one to eight, where one equals "do not

                       possess" and eight equals "strongly possess."

                              After all appropriate employees in a company complete this assessment,

                       those skills, which receive low possession ratings, should be examined to

                       determine the degree to which they are currently outsourced (provided by

                       others), and are applicable to the business.  Employee training programs should

                       be developed, based on these findings, in an effort to build skills in appropriate

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