Page 98 - Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications
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                       areas of international marketing where insufficient skill levels exist and no

                       outside sources are available or utilized.

                              The assessment instrument also provides companies with information

                       about which employees possess competencies related to different aspects of

                       international marketing.  This is meaningful in that it provides information about

                       which employees within a company might perform various tasks related to

                       international marketing, whether or not those areas are part of actual job

                       descriptions.  This type of assessment would go a long way to assist firms in

                       identifying competencies of employees, many of which may have been "hidden"

                       or underutilized within the firm.  The assessment instrument is presented on the

                       following pages.

                              This study has produced a new tool for assessing the extent of

                       international marketing skills within companies.  The assessment instrument

                       gives companies a method to determine: (1) which international marketing skills

                       employees perceive are applicable to their jobs; (2) the extent to which

                       employees within the firm possess applicable international marketing skills; and

                       (3) examples of specific competencies employees possess that relate to each of

                       the skills, whether or not they are applicable to their job duties.  The results from

                       this type of assessment can give companies a better understanding of the extent

                       and nature of their international marketing training needs.

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