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International Marketing Skill-Building Tools:

The book, Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing: Training Implications, identified sixty-six skills as being needed for effective international marketing, and were classified into five categories:
(1) planning and operational skills;
(2) pricing skills;
(3) promotional skills;
(4) product skills; and
(5) distribution skills.

Click on one of the international marketing skills below. You will be directed to a page containing links and resources specifically designed to help you build skills in that area, which includes: Articles, Trends, Best Practices, YouTube, Social Networks, Courses, Careers, Jobs, and Conferences.

International Marketing Skill-Building Resources

Download/read the eBook, then click on a link below to begin building vital international marketing skills:

International Marketing Planning and Operational Skills

International Pricing Skills

International Product Skills

International Distribution Skills

International Promotion Skills