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Select, Find and Prepare for Applied Laboratory Science Technology Careers and Jobs - all on one page

This page will take you through 4 steps to (1) Select an applied laboratory science technology career, (2) Find applied laboratory science technology job listings, (3) Prepare for an applied laboratory science technology career, and (4) Provide applied laboratory science technology job-specific resources.

Step 1: Select a Job: You will be presented with a listing of applied laboratory science technology careers/jobs. The list may be quite long. There are two ways you might like to use this list:
1) Filter - As you enter a word, you will filter (limit) the list of careers and jobs below
2) Browse the list (Don't Filter) - You can simply browse the list of careers and jobs. There may be many that you might never have considered. This may help you to discover jobs that might be of interest.

Once you have identified an occupation of interest, simply click on it.

Step 2: Find a Job: After you have selected a job above, you will see current jobs listings. You can change the location, distance from location and recency as you wish. Each of the listings will link to a current job opening.

Job listings (based on your criteria) can be sent daily to your inbox, so you always have access to the latest opportunities. Complete the short form to start - you can opt out anytime.

Step 3: Prepare For a Job: In this section you will see one or more links to a career that is usually a bit more general than your initial selection. The link(s) is directly related to the specific job you identified through your prior selections.
*NOTE: It is possible that there may not be a career path identified for the specific job you selected in Step 2. If this is the case, scroll up the page and click on a different job.

Click on a link and you will gain access to detailed information to help you prepare for a career in this field. Information includes core and supplemental duties, general and specific work activities, knowledge required, skills required, preparation required, educational requirements, work experience required, local salary information, certifications, professional associations, current job listings for the job selected along with multiple similar job titles, occupations with similar capabilities and interests (starting a career), and occupations with similar skills and Experience (changing a career).

Step 4: Job-Specific Resources (detailed and constantly updated): Continue to scroll down the page and you will find tabs that will provide detailed (updated) links to occupational information specific to the Job you selected. This information includes:
Videos: Provides a listing of video links related to this career. A great way to get a quick overview of the occupation.
Resumes: Sources for resume materials and techniques. This can help to get you started.
Job Description: Sources that provide job descriptions, which are vital to resume and interview preparation.
Interviews: Provides links that can help you to prepare for and successfully complete the job interview.
Step by Step: Provides links to resources that can help to organize the career search process.
LinkedIn: One of the best professional social media sites that provides links, opportunities, and networking specifically for careers and career development.

1) Select a Job

Scroll through the picklist (below). There are 432 applied laboratory science technology careers and jobs listed. Select those that may be of interest - you will get links to active job listings for that specific applied laboratory science technology occupation, and detailed resources to help you prepare a career path (ladder).
You can use this form two ways:

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Filter - As you enter a keyword, you will filter (limit) the list of careers and jobs below

Browse the list (Don't Filter) - You can simply browse the list of careers and jobs. There may be many that you might never have considered. This may help you to discover jobs that might be of interest.

Enter a Keyword (filter the list below)
OR - leave blank and scroll through the choices:

Select a Job Title (scroll and Select) :

Academic Laboratory Manager
Administrative Laboratory Director
Agricultural Chemist
Agriculture Research Laboratory Assistant
Air Quality Chemist
Air Quality Laboratory Technician
Analytical Biochemical Engineer
Analytical Chemist
Analytical Chemistry Teacher
Analytical Laboratory Technician (Analytical Lab Technician)
Analytical Research Chemist
Animal Laboratory Helper
Artificial Breeding Laboratory Technician
Associate Chemist
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Cancer and Molecular Biology
Atmospheric Chemist
Ballistics Laboratory Gunsmith
Bench Chemist
Biochemical Development Engineer
Biochemical Engineer
Biochemical Genetics Laboratory Director
Biochemistry Chemical Engineering Analyst
Biochemistry Professor
Biochemistry Research Associate
Biochemistry Scientist
Biochemistry Teacher
Biochemistry Technician
Biochemistry Technologist
Biological Chemist
Biological Science Laboratory Technician
Biology Laboratory Assistant
Blood and Plasma Laboratory Assistant
Blood Bank Laboratory Technician
Blood Bank Laboratory Technologist
Blood Bank, Lead Clinical Laboratory Scientist (Blood Bank, Lead Clinical Lab Scientist)
Botany Laboratory Assistant
Calibration Laboratory Technician
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Registered Nurse
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Technologist
Cardiovascular Laboratory Specialist
Cath Lab Radiological Technologist (Catheterization Laboratory Radiological Technologist)
Cath Lab RN (Catheterization Laboratory Registered Nurse)
Cath Lab Specialist (Catheterization Laboratory Specialist)
Cath Lab Tech (Catheterization Laboratory Technologist)
Catheterization Laboratory Manager (Cath Lab Manager)
Catheterization Laboratory Senior Manager (Cath Lab Senior Manager)
Catheterization Laboratory Technician (Cath Lab Tech)
Catheterization Laboratory Technician (Catheterization Lab Tech)
Cement Chemist
Ceramic Chemist
Cereal Chemist
Certified Clinical Laboratory Technician
Certified Lab Technician (Certified Laboratory Technician)
Certified Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician
Chemical Laboratory Analyst (Chemical Lab Analyst)
Chemical Laboratory Assistant
Chemical Laboratory Chief
Chemical Laboratory Scientist
Chemical Laboratory Technician (Chemical Lab Technician)
Chemical Laboratory Tester
Chemist Assistant
Chemist Helper
Chemistry and Radiation Protection Technician
Chemistry Chair
Chemistry Chair Person
Chemistry Department Chair
Chemistry Faculty Member
Chemistry Instructor
Chemistry Lab Coordinator
Chemistry Lab Instructor
Chemistry Lab Supervisor
Chemistry Lecturer
Chemistry Professor
Chemistry Quality Control Analyst (Chemistry QC Analyst)
Chemistry Quality Control Technician
Chemistry Quality Control Technician (Chemistry QC Technician)
Chemistry Research Assistant
Chemistry Supervisor
Chemistry Teacher
Chemistry Technician
Chemistry Technologist
Chemistry Tutor
Chief Chemist
Circulating Nurse, Catheterization Laboratory (Circulating Nurse, Cath Lab)
Clandestine Laboratory Responder
Clinical Biochemical Geneticist
Clinical Biochemist
Clinical Engineer, Laboratory Specialist
Clinical Genetics Laboratory Chief
Clinical Lab Scientist, Chemistry Section Head
Clinical Laboratory Aide
Clinical Laboratory Aides Teacher
Clinical Laboratory Assistant (Clinical Lab Assistant)
Clinical Laboratory Manager
Clinical Laboratory Medical Director
Clinical Laboratory Network Coordinator
Clinical Laboratory Science Professor
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)
Clinical Laboratory Service Teacher
Clinical Laboratory Specialist in Cytogenetics (CLSp(CG))
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Clinical Laboratory Technician (Clinical Lab Technician)
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Clinical Microbiologist
Clinical Molecular Genetics Laboratory Director
Coal Chemist
Color Laboratory Technician
Compliance Control Chemist
Computer Laboratory Technician
Computer or Computer Laboratory Technician
Confectionery Laboratory Manager
Consultant, Computational Chemistry Applications
Consulting Chemist
Control Chemist
Corn Quality Laboratory Technician
Cosmetic Chemist
Crime Lab Analyst (Crime Laboratory Analyst)
Crime Laboratory Analyst
Culture Media Laboratory Assistant
Cytogenetics Laboratory Manager (Cytogenetics Lab Manager)
Cytology Laboratory Manager
Cytology Laboratory Manager (Cytology Lab Manager)
Cytology Laboratory Technician
Dairy and Food Laboratory Assistant
Dairy Chemist
Dental Laboratory Manager
Dental Laboratory Owner
Dental Laboratory Supervisor
Dental Laboratory Technician (Dental Lab Tech)
Dental Laboratory Technician Apprentice
Dental Laboratory Technician, Metal Work (Dental Lab Technician, Metal Work)
Dental Laboratory Technician, Waxer (Dental Lab Technician, Waxer)
Dental Laboratory Technology Teacher
Dental Laboratory Worker
Denture Laboratory Technician (Denture Lab Tech)
Dentures Laboratory Technician
Development Chemist
Digital Laboratory Technician
Director of Laboratory Operations
Director of Laboratory, Vice President
Ear Mold Laboratory Technician
Education Laboratory Specialist
EMC Laboratory Manager (Electro Magnetic Compatibility Laboratory Manager)
Energy Systems Laboratory Director
Environmental Chemist
Environmental Geology Laboratory Instructor
Environmental Laboratory Technician
Environmental Laboratory Technician (Environmental Lab Technician)
Factory Chemist
Field Laboratory Operator
Film Laboratory Technician
Finish Chemist
Finish Lab Manager (Finish Laboratory Manager)
Finish Lab Technician (Finish Laboratory Technician)
Food Biochemistry Professor
Food Chemist
Food Processing Chemist
Forensic Chemist
Forensic Drug Chemist
Formulary Chemist
Freezer Laboratory Technician
Gas Chromatography Chemist (GC Chemist)
Gas Chromatography Laboratory Technician (Gas Chromatography Lab Technician)
Geochemistry Professor
Geochemistry Teacher
Geophysical Laboratory Chief
Geophysical Laboratory Director
Geophysical Laboratory Supervisor
Good Laboratory Practice In Vitro Study Director (GLP In Vitro Study Director)
Greenhouse Laboratory Associate
Hazardous Waste Chemist
High School Chemistry Teacher
Histology Laboratory Aide
Hospital Laboratory Technician (Hospital Lab Technician)
Industrial Chemist
Industrial Chemistry Teacher
Inorganic Chemical Technician
Inorganic Chemist
Inorganic Chemistry Professor
Inorganic Chemistry Teacher
Instrumentation Chemist
Lab Assistant (Laboratory Assistant)
Lab Benchman (Laboratory Benchman)
Lab Edger (Laboratory Edger)
Lab Manager (Laboratory Manager)
Lab Sciences Coordinator
Lab Services Director (Laboratory Services Director)
Lab Technician (Laboratory Technician)
Laboratory Administrative Director
Laboratory Aide
Laboratory Aide (Lab Aide)
Laboratory Analyst
Laboratory Analyst (Lab Analyst)
Laboratory Animal Care Veterinarian (Lab Animal Care Vet)
Laboratory Animal Caretaker
Laboratory Animal Facility Supervisor
Laboratory Apparatus Glass Blower
Laboratory Apparatus Glass Grinder
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Assistant (Lab Assistant)
Laboratory Associate
Laboratory Associate (Lab Associate)
Laboratory Bioinformatics Analyst
Laboratory Chemical Assistant
Laboratory Chemist
Laboratory Chief
Laboratory Clerk
Laboratory Control Specialist
Laboratory Coordinator
Laboratory Coordinator (Lab Coordinator)
Laboratory Courier
Laboratory Cureman
Laboratory Director
Laboratory Director (Lab Director)
Laboratory Equipment Cleaner
Laboratory Equipment Installer
Laboratory Geneticist
Laboratory Helper
Laboratory Helper (Lab Helper)
Laboratory Immunologist
Laboratory Information System Coordinator (LIS Coordinator)
Laboratory Machinist (Lab Machinist)
Laboratory Manager
Laboratory Manager (Lab Manager)
Laboratory Mechanical Technician
Laboratory Medical Director (Lab Medical Director)
Laboratory Miller
Laboratory Monitor (Lab Monitor)
Laboratory Operations Coordinator (Lab Operations Coordinator)
Laboratory Owner (Lab Owner)
Laboratory Phlebotomist
Laboratory Quality Management Director
Laboratory Sample Carrier
Laboratory Scientist
Laboratory Services Director (Lab Services Director)
Laboratory Services Manager
Laboratory Specialist
Laboratory Specialist (Lab Specialist)
Laboratory Supervisor
Laboratory Supervisor (Lab Supervisor)
Laboratory Supervisor, Quality Assurance
Laboratory Technical Manager
Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Technician & Maintenance
Laboratory Technician (Lab Tech)
Laboratory Technician (Lab Technician)
Laboratory Technician Manager
Laboratory Technologist
Laboratory Technologist (Lab Tech)
Laboratory Technologist (Lab Technologist)
Laboratory Technology Teacher
Laboratory Tester
Laboratory Tester (Lab Tester)
Laboratory Veterinarian (Lab Veterinarian Vet)
Laboratory Worker
Laboratory Worker, Washing or Cleaning Laboratory Apparatus
Lead Design Chemist
Lead Laboratory Technician, Food
Liaison Inspection Laboratory Assistant
Licensed Lab Manager (Licensed Laboratory Manager)
Main Lab Section Chief (Main Laboratory Section Chief)
Manager, Neurodiagnostic Laboratory & Epilepsy Center (Manager, Neurodiagnostic Lab & Epilepsy Center)
Mechanical Laboratory Technician (Mechanical Lab Tech)
Media Laboratory Manager
Medical Chemist
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Medical Laboratory Scientist, Generalist
Medical Laboratory Specialist (Medical Lab Specialist)
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)
Medical Laboratory Technician Program Coordinator (MLT Program Coordinator)
Medical Laboratory Technician Supervisor (MLT Supervisor)
Medical Laboratory Technician, Chemistry
Medical Laboratory Technician, Microbiology (MLT, Microbiology)
Medical Laboratory Technicians (Medical Lab Technician)
Medical Laboratory Technologist (Medical Lab Tech)
Medical Laboratory Technologist (Medical Lab Technologist)
Medical Laboratory Technology Instructor
Medical Microbiologist
Medical Product Development Chemist
Medical Technologist, Chemistry Section
Medical Technologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Medical Technologist, Microbiology Supervisor
Metallurgical Laboratory Assistant
Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Engineer (MOCVD Engineer)
Metrology Laboratory Manager
Microbiological Analyst
Microbiological Lab Technician
Microbiological Laboratory Technician
Microbiology Analyst
Microbiology Director
Microbiology Instructor
Microbiology Lab Analyst
Microbiology Lab Assistant
Microbiology Lab Manager
Microbiology Laboratory Director
Microbiology Laboratory Manager
Microbiology Professor
Microbiology Quality Control Technician
Microbiology Quality Control Technician (Microbiology QC Tech)
Microbiology Scientist
Microbiology Soil Scientist
Microbiology Supervisor
Microbiology Teacher
Microbiology Technical Supervisor
Microbiology Technician
Microbiology Technologist
Mill Chemist
Mix Chemist
Mycobacteria and Brucella Laboratory Head
Neurodiagnostic Laboratory Coordinator (Neurodiagnostic Lab Coordinator)
Neurodiagnostic Laboratory Director (Neurodiagnostic Lab Director)
Nuclear Chemist
Nuclear Chemistry Technician
Nutritional Chemist
Oil Laboratory Analyst
Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician
Optical Lab Assistant (Optical Laboratory Assistant)
Optical Lab Manager (Optical Laboratory Manager)
Optical Lab Technician (Optical Laboratory Technician)
Optical Laboratory Mechanic
Organic Chemist
Organic Chemistry Professor
Organic Chemistry Teacher
Orthodontic Laboratory Technician (Orthodontic Lab Technician)
Paint Laboratory Technician
Patent Chemist
Pathology Laboratory Aide
Pathology Laboratory Aides Teacher
Pathology Laboratory Director
Pathology Laboratory Technologist
Pesticide Chemist
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Pharmaceutical Laboratory Technician
Pharmacy Laboratory Technician
Phlebotomist/Laboratory Assistant (Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant)
Photo Lab Technician (Photographic Laboratory Technician)
Photo Laboratory Technician
Photonic Laboratory Technician (Photonic Lab Tech)
Physical Biochemist
Physical Chemist
Physical Chemistry Professor
Physical Chemistry Teacher
Physician Office Laboratory Manager (POL Manager)
Physiological Chemist
Phytochemistry Professor
Pollution Control Chemist
Prep Room Dental Laboratory Technician (Prep Room Dental Lab Technician)
Process Chemist
Process Laboratory Specialist
Product Development Chemist
Product Development Laboratory Chemist (Product Development Lab Chemist)
Professor of Biochemistry
Professor of Microbiology
Professor of Soil Microbiology
Prosthetic Laboratory Technician
Protein Biochemistry Research Associate
Protein Biochemistry Scientist
Public Health Microbiologist
Public Health Microbiology Laboratory Director
Qualified Laboratory Technician (Qualified Lab Technician)
Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician (QA Lab Tech)
Quality Assurance Senior Chemist (QA Senior Chemist)
Quality Control Chemist (QC Chemist)
Quality Control Laboratory Technician
Quality Control Laboratory Technician (Quality Control Lab Technician)
Quality Control Microbiologist (QC Microbiologist)
Quality Control Microbiology Supervisor
Radiation / Chemistry Technician
Radiation/Chemistry Technician
Radiochemistry Technician
Raw Material Chemist
Raw Materials Chemist
Refinery Chemist
Research and Development Chemist
Research and Development Laboratory Technician (R&D Lab Tech)
Research Chemist
Research Laboratory Manager
Research Laboratory Specialist (Research Lab Specialist)
Research Microbiologist
Rodent Laboratory Technician
Rubber Chemist
Sanitary Chemist
Seed Analysis Laboratory Assistant
Seed Laboratory Assistant
Seed Laboratory Technician
Senior Analytical Chemist
Senior Chemist
Senior Chemistry Technician
Senior Crime Laboratory Analyst
Senior Cytogenetics Laboratory Director
Senior Development Chemist Associate
Senior Environmental Laboratory Analyst (Senior Environmental Lab Analyst)
Senior Forensic Chemist
Senior Formulation Chemist
Senior Health Physics/Chemist
Senior Health Physics/Chemistry Specialist
Senior Industrial Chemist
Senior Laboratory Technician (Senior Lab Tech)
Senior Laboratory Technician, Quality Control (Senior Lab Technician, Quality Control)
Senior Medical Technologist, Microbiology
Senior Tech Support Chemist (Senior Technical Support Chemist)
Shift Chemistry & Radiation Protection Technician
Soil Chemist
Soil Physical Chemistry Professor
Supervisor of Neurodiagnostics Laboratory (Supervisor of Neurodiagnostics Lab)
Supervisor of Removable Prosthetic Dental Laboratory (Supervisor of Removable Prosthetic Dental Lab)
Synthesis Chemist
Textile Chemist
Toxicology Laboratory Technician
Tutorial Laboratory Supervisor (Tutorial Lab Supervisor)
Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostician (Vet Lab Diagnostician)
Veterinary Laboratory Technician
Veterinary Laboratory Technician (Vet Lab Tech)
Veterinary Microbiologist (Vet Microbiologist)
Wastewater Laboratory Technician (Wastewater Lab Tech)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Chemist
Water Chemist
Water Purification Chemist
Wet Chemistry Analyst

3) Prepare For a Job

No selection made: Please Select a Job Title (above)

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