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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful thing about this project to me was the experience. I used to work at this restaurant before I moved to Rowland Heights. When I called him, he immediately and happily accepted my request. What is most interesting is, I have a chance to see things from his perspectives. He told me his life stories, the struggles he had been through and gave me a lot of advices. Even though he didn’t take business classes before, he mentioned that trust is the most important thing in business. It is really interesting to meet a real life person quoting the exact same thing from textbook.
One of the interesting things is their business structure. They don’t have a HR team. Even though it is a family owned business, they recently changed it to Limited Liability Company. When I asked the reason they don’t have HR team, he told me, “About 20% of profits goes to food costs, 50% goes to payrolls, 10~20% goes to utilities. There may also hidden costs. So you only end up with around 10% profit. That is why we cannot afford to hire HR team.” Even though they have become a LLC, it still looks like sole proprietorship. Both his parents are retired, so he is the only one running the restaurant. He works in every position be it a host, waiter, cook, cashier and even dish washer. I also noticed that there are several repeated customers. Most of them have been there a couple of times. This is most likely due to the food quality that the restaurant has been giving and hospitality they have been providing.
He really does make working environment like a family. He is seen always telling jokes with the back and the front, helping out in required positions. He told me that he used to be so strict and short tempered. But he had to change himself so that he can provide a healthy working environment. By participating himself, he gave his employees a sense of “warmth”. He also advised me ““If you find someone like you, grab them and never let go of them. It is difficult to find good people.”
The most interesting advice he gave me is “Teach everything”. He continued, “Many Asian people, including my parents, believe that if I teach everything, they will try to open a restaurant and fight me back. If they want to fight back, be my guest. It is a good challenge for me.” He also added, “You know, ancient Chinese Kong Fu masters, they only taught their students about 80% of their skills. And their students would teach next generations even less than 80% and so on. Now the new generations are not as good as the ancient ones. ” This is the law of nature. If we have one, we have to give one back. He even told me to contact him when I start my business, so that he can give advice for my business plan. I think this is a good example of mentorship.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-14 16:53:20

A meaningful part I found from this project is that being an entrepreneur is not as scary as I thought it could be. All it takes to be in the world of business is passion and a skill. The hardest part I believe is starting out. When I asked the question about where the initial money used to start Vic Martinez Plumbing there was no big loans or meetings with bankers. It was simply a man who saved what little he had and invested it back into himself. The outcome was phenomenal, and can be used to inspire anyone scared to make that initial jump from worker to owner.
From a business point of view finding out that starting a business does not have to be as scary as it sounds was powerful. Although I have to say the most meaningful part I took away from this interview is learning more about my dad. My dad is the owner of Vic Martinez plumbing. As a child you don't really notice all the things your parents go through to make your life better. I never saw the side of him as a business man he always was simply my dad. Hearing him talk about his passion and how proud he is going from being a poor kid in East L.A. to a owner of his very own business makes me tear up. I am so happy to come from such a hardworking individual, and to have inspiration so close to home. I hope one day to make him proud with my very own business.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-23 00:33:31

What was meaningful to me in this project was actually just hearing out someone who actually started their own small and simple business like this barbershop. It was really shocking to me to find out that this entrepreneur did not start out with the best or much knowledge really for acquiring his business licenses and permits but was still confident enough to get started and open his business. Learning about how marketing and building relationships can not be stressed out enough is making me realize that I need to be ready for that and really should start building my relationships now because like this entrepreneur he was able to keep and build his relationships with former colleagues
that eventually became helpful to him when starting his business.
As I did this interview, I noticed how little this entrepreneur had for example, he has his small space with only two barber seats, one decent sized t.v, and his hair clipping equipment. But as he is growing, he is now planning to setup an Ipad register and vending machine for his customers. This makes me think that a business at first can really start with something small and hopefully or eventually grow into something bigger without you realizing it. Also, I'm realizing how important it is to be a service to people and not so much for yourself. You really want to be available and communicate well to the public and your customers to be successful. Just knowing how important it is to always be available and that that in return can build relationships is something valuable I've learned from this interview.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-23 23:11:05

The most meaningful to me while doing this project was learning more deeply about my family’s business since my dad hardly ever talks about it. I learned things about my grandfather that I never knew before. It also made me consider to work for my family’s business in the future because the statements that my uncle told me were really empowering and made me look into taking over this business when I am older. It also made me realize that being in the business industry can certainly have it’s pros and cons to it. However, it can be more of a positive outcome if you work hard enough for it and you really want it. Also, it made me respect my uncle more as a business owner because he initially had more of his knowledge in law.
The second thing that amazed me the most was that how my grandfather started this business from nothing. I had no idea that he worked in a farm prior to establishing this business. It was definitely an eye-opener for me when my uncle told me that my grandfather did this so we can all have a better future. I came to realization while doing this interview that in the future, if I did want to stray away from this financing business that I could start up my own business in the future if I wanted to. I could always go to my family for any business help because I could get first-hand feedback. And lastly, the feedback my uncle gave to me about starting a business was very meaningful because I never did an interview with a business owner before.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-24 04:51:11

I learned a lot about starting a business and how difficult but worth it it may be. What was most meaningful to me was the information about finances and how to get a loan from the bank. I appreciated learning about creating a good business plan and what banks look for when choosing companies to invest in. I thought it was very beneficial to know that an entrepreneur suggested going to the banks herself rather than another source to receive a loan. She provided me with great suggestions and advice as to how to initially start a business. She really stressed the importance of doing something you love rather than something that will make you some quick money. It was also very meaningful to hear her talk about how the hard work will pay off, and to not get discouraged in the beginning if things aren’t looking so great.
Another very meaningful piece of advice that was given to me during this interview was the fact that providing great customer service is essential to running a stable business. It isn’t enough to give good service, it is important for businesses to give their customers customized and relatable service by speaking to them on a first name basis as well as being personable by asking them about their families, and their life. Many customers appreciate these type of conversations because it makes them feel “at home” and will keep them coming back because of how appreciated they feel. I like how she talked about how charging more can be okay, if you provide customers with personable experiences, because it will keep them coming back. Many people would rather pay more to receive something special, than to pay less for something mediocre or average.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-24 20:43:46

As somebody who wants to one day be successful and have my own business, starting off with projects like this in a business class, is truly something meaningful. It allows you to be in someone else's shoes that does own a business. It lets you know what they think is good for a business. Getting ideas and stories of how they started can inspire someone and actually teach something to another entrepreneur. The questions that are being asked are questions to keep in mind when you want to start your own business. If one does not listen to what others have done with their business their maybe be a bad consequence because you are going in not knowing what to do.
I like how this type of project also gives you the chance to build relationships with business owners. The business owners that were interviewed may feel that they impacted someone because they were chosen tom be interviewed. In the future you may still be able to ask more questions to them if you ever have any problem. Or they can even be there as guidance on how to do things. This project had questions that could have made the owners think from where they came from how they started and remind them how hard work has paid off, that is a smile you could have gave to a business person who can always be stressed out.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-25 03:39:08

I honestly learned alot from the person i interviewed. Her advice about being generous at day one is important. If you are then your just going to love your job more. She mentioned that you are going to get screwed by people that there is no stopping it so we need to just be generous up front you are actually enjoying your job more than those who are not being generous through their business.
And lastly i liked her advice about having a mentor help you with your business. I believe that having a mentor is infact a good thing to have. They can give you great advice from when they had their business. she mentioned that you need to put your ego to the side and listen to your mentors advice. I think this is key because in my opinion must of the time the reason our ideas dont work to plan because we are not listening to others about their ideas and we need to listen because the more information you have besides your own your have a better chance at succeeding your goal.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-25 20:54:41

The most meaningful part of this project for me was meeting and learning much from creating a business. The entrepreneur I interviewed was kind hearted, patience, and flexible. The owner was so kind that I was allowed to learned a little insight into the business as well as meeting a few family members. in Summary, what I liked more about this project is that I was able to make new friends and some delicious food through the making of this project.

The interview itself and the way the entrepreneur conducts its business is very relaxed and family oriented environment not to mention the owner receives every single costumer as a new member of the family and that reflects on Yelp reviews and other pages that rate and promote the business. That inspired me to go out there into the world and treat each individual has best as I can for what goes around comes around.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 00:09:16

I really enjoyed interviewing the owner, I have been following her progress for some time now and the shop has grown so much in so little time. I remember meeting her at a local art walk and honestly, her creations are one of a kind. She really puts in a lot of thought into what she puts out. I loved her optimism and the way in which she talks about her store. She gave me a lot of good ideas on how to start and what to expect when you open your own business. I think that her advice on being yourself and creating only things you would wear is genius because you have to put out ideas that you are happy with.

Supporting your small business owners is always good and I really like that she only buys from fellow crafters like herself. Not only is she supporting their business she is also creating ties and like previously discussed in lecture that is important. I really liked the fact that she gave me all the pointers I needed and even during the interview showed me her work area and designs. I really enjoyed this project and I found it extremely helpful for myself.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 03:21:50

First of all, I enjoyed interview the owner of the business. I can learn more about a business before I start a business. He/she is a young adult who finish a degree start the business. The most meaningful is about I learn different people’s idea of their business management. Everyone owner has their own way to run a business, but not everyone will success. My interviewer’s business is successful because this is their second store to start from other city. One big city to other big city is hard because the consumers are totally different. They must make bring a new product for the new consumers.
I would start a business with different people’s exercise rather than start a business with non-experience because I won’t risk my money for the bad management. And waste my time to a place.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 04:04:45

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Records 1071 to 1080 of 1253