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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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This project was meaningful because it forced me to ask specific questions that I would not have asked otherwise. Through these specific questions I have a fundamental understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Questions like the in hindsight what topic would you have studied if you could go back in time allows me to realize what I should be studying now. It is much more impactful to talk and learn for someone currently in the business world than someone who hasn’t worked in business. I have a business teacher this year is exactly that and I don’t believe has ever worked in a high level of business. It is very difficult to learn form someone who has little to no experience in the field. That is why when you are forced to talk and learn from someone in the field it is extremely helpful.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-18 13:37:56

The most meaningful for me was that he shared not only his success but his mistakes. I actually worked for him for a few years so hearing his advise and struggle reminded me of how he is a person too. He worked hard for the business and even if it isn't perfect all the time you keep your head up and keep moving. If your having a bad day your business is still there and you must not give up on it. I think debt is one of the biggest issues everyone deals with weather it is in a business or not. We need to learn how to balance and limit ourselves in order to be successful and have a back up plan. Don't let that be the reason you need to stop what your doing but prevent it from starting in the beginning. It affected his family and his business and that hurt him internally. Not being socially and emotionally balanced can affect how you make decisions for you business since he is the primary and only go to to make decisions he has a huge responsibility everyday and dealing with that stress Is bad. It also thought me not to give up on my dreams. He started as a delivery boy and saw and learned a little from that business while he went to school to continue his education and be able to open something himself he started with the franchise and recently after so many years he still showed me how you can manage to still start your own Pizza Restaurant with your name, your ideas, your menu! You could only go so far but if you keep sowing initiative and and keep having thrive you will be successful on the long run!
Date Submitted: 2018-10-18 17:30:14

After interviewing my friend Rob I was a little surprised to here some of what I have been learning in my entrepreneurship class coming out of his mouth. For instance he talked about working with competitors, which is an idea I had just recently learned about, something that a lot of entrepreneurs do to create more opportunities. Steve Jobs worked with bill Gates to write computer programs even though they were in direct competition with each other. His explanation about referrals was inspiring to me, since I always thought that businesses were only out for themselves and their share-holders. I think that is his point though, to bring a more welcoming atmosphere to the motorcycle world.
My second insight would be that he was able to see a niche that was not being exploited. People want to be treated with kindness and they want their stuff to be treated the same. I do not ride motorcycles but if I did I would want mine to be kept in excellent condition. Having someone I can talk to anytime when it comes to my bike would be the most ideal. I wish I had a mechanic for my car that was not just trying to get me to pay for unnecessary maintenance, and actually cared about me. Also, Motorcycles need to be kept in excellent condition since they already have a higher possibility of incident.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-18 23:21:34

The most meaningful about this project is I learn how the owner migrate to the United State and start a business with her bare hand. She had spirit into business but do not know how to start. She has to overcome many struggle in the life in able to success. Before she start her business, English was the most important thing for her. She need to learn English to communicate with customers and suppliers. She told me that when she first order the stuff such as different size of cup, straw, bag, and vegetable for the store, because of her pronunciation, the supplier did not supply the right stuff. She got mad and return everything. She has been practicing English and it is getting better. Now she feels confident to talk with other people and able to share her experience.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-19 01:26:29

The most meaningful to me about this project is opening my mind a lot when it comes to the business as well as the way people organize their business to be successful. I find out this when conducting project. When started the business, the founders had tried many ways to find out the exactly formula in producing noodle. Even the business is successful now, but they are still attempt to improving their product and their staff system. Not many businesses can achieve this because once the business is successful, people always looking for comfort zone to maintain their business instead of taking risk to improve. The corporation is an example when it opens the chances to employees when the company is looking for lower leadership even this is a family business. On the other hands, one thing that I learn it is the fundamental to create a friendly environment, a positive culture at work, as avoiding being domineering manager, so it can accelerate the team work and create the encouragement at work place. By this way, employee will have more potential opportunity to improve themselves as they can contribute to the business organization with their best present.
On behalf of family business, individual development is also essential when it has a huge effect not only business but also the family member relationship. In order to reinvest the family business, family member needs to work harder as individuals need to have the ability to figure out quickly the issue of business. Also, when get involved in family business, family member needs to main the level respect. Some family member may bring their emotional into the business discussion or some of them may linked family issue with the business issue when the argument occurs. In most situation, both sides family member cannot calm down; hence, respecting family member ideas is the key to deal with. Respecting the difference between family member as well as communicating with members will help the family stick together and operate the business smoother when the challenge comes in without broking family relationship.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-19 10:05:59

I found this project to be very meaningful not only because of the information I gathered from who I interviewed, but also because of the positive relationship I formed with the entrepreneur I interviewed. I learned his view of business and the steps he took to build the business he has today. I have worked for several years within his business and have watched it grow and seen him make decisions which have greatly affected the business so getting to hear him lay out his business strategies was very cool. I also loved the boost to our relationship that I experienced after this interview. My interviewee even requested a copy of my report once I was finished writing and editing it. He really enjoyed the questions asked and loved the way it made him think through his strategies and get them out in the open rather than just in his head.

His appreciation of the given questions was similar to my own. I enjoyed the questions and the way that they prompted further discussion and also led towards one another. Through our interview we actually found that in many cases his elaborate discussion of an earlier question led to him inadvertently answering a later question. However, once we got to this later question he always was able to elaborate even further and the cycle continued. I feel like I got a great understanding of the thought process behind the business and the reason that it is run the way it is today. I enjoyed the differing views of the bank which I heard from my interviewee during this interview. I think his views really went against the grain and gave me lots to think about when opening a business of my own.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-19 10:41:32

After talking to Manny, I left the interview full of inspiration and insight. He has a successful photography business that has given him the opportunity to travel the world. He has put a lot of time and effort into his business and showed me that as long as I put plenty of effort and hard work, I too could start a business one day. Although he only has one employee and that is only for bigger functions he is a person that I admire. he took a passion for photography and realized that there was a need for his services so he gave the people what they needed and filled that need. It takes a courageous person to go to college and when its all said and done not actually even work on the field that they studied. He showed me that life is not set in stone and you have to follow your dreams.

I really enjoy this because it gave me some good insight on how Manny started his photography business. I have known him for a while now and always knew he was a good photographer but didn’t really know why he got started. I enjoyed the fact that he knows what to do to stay relevant with his clients. He sends them birthday and greeting cards for the holidays. This is very time consuming but it personalizes his business and sets him apart from the rest. It is a great marketing technique. When he was talking about the new lens that works underwater his eyes lit up and that showed me just how passionate he is about his work. When people are passionate about the tools they work with it only gave me more confidence on how good a photographer he is.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-20 10:01:29

I think one of the most meaningful things about this project is being able to see the perspective of the entrepreneur I interviewed and getting a deeper insight of how they started their business and the difficulties they endure to sustain and continue to grow their company. They showed me that passion was a driving force for them and that to believe in abundance and that as long as I deliver what was promised with integrity, I will succeed.
To be able to start my own business has been on my mind for years and this project has given me valuable insight I otherwise would not have. The most important thing is to take my first step, to start somewhere, even small and to not be afraid of failure as it is a part of the learning process. Overall, this project has given me a opportunity to reflect on myself and why I have not taken my first step yet.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-21 13:10:51

I really enjoyed listening to his experiences, especially with the years he has in business and something as laundry room equipment, leasing it to the apartment complex. While technology does affect it for residential homes the commercial machines have the same setup, they must be sturdy enough to withhold so many uses but not as many add-ons as the ones most of us have at home. His experience and determination are inspiring. I was under the impression that it was easy for him, he is a white male whose family was well of, and so I thought he had it easy. I was wrong just as many other business owners he had to prove himself, the business was not handed. Perseverance is key not taking a no as a final answer and dwelling on what went wrong but rather learning from it.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-21 14:11:48

One of the things that was most meaningful to me what the insight was and how it is difficult to start a business. It is meaningful because I pan to start a business and this interview showed me that it wont all be sunshine and rainbows. There will be hardships along the way and I must prepare for it. I must also find the people who will help me succeed in starting the business that I want to start. I also learned that having connections will help my business grow so I should make some and expand on that. I would also use the knowledge in what I learned from school and my past employments so that I can have a better understanding of what lies ahead.
Another thing that I learned and was meaningful to me was to never give up on the business that I want to open. After hearing stories of people who he knew that gave up on their businesses, I would want to keep going and succeed. I would have to push through and not give up or lose hope. I also learned on how to find and choose a good credit lender, so I will be sure to use that information if I would ever need it. Another thing I learned is to buy good equipment because if I buy cheap equipment than I would be spending more money on trying to fix it and/or replacing it, so it would just be better to get good equipment from the get-go.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-22 16:02:53

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Records 1161 to 1170 of 1253