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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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Insights Learned: A couple insights I felt like I pulled away from this sit down was the amount of effort it takes to pursue what your passion is. Each question opened a new aspect and world of ideas to different parts of questions I felt like were unanswered before this. For myself, I always wondered how do people figure out, this, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but after talking to someone who figured it out in their own way, it makes sense. Out of all her options when asking if she could do anything else, they all seemed relatively far off from one another, but they all had similar attributes she analyzed to fit her own personal passion. As a young male, I feel like a lot of the pressure falls on the category I'm affiliated with to figure out which direction career wise we would want to go, but there's a lot of different directions I want to go into. It gave me a sense of comfort knowing someone that already made it had the same confusion I'm currently in to pick one solid career, and a little backstory of my troubles can be demonstrated by this fact about myself; just through my first year of college alone I've changed my major three times.
Another thing I felt was particularly insightful was, she didn't just talk about how she climbed the ladder and made it on her own or she didn't flaunt her accomplishments out there. She was very humble, and even talked about the mistakes rather than her successes a big percentage of the time. I felt that was really speaking louder than words because she not only touched upon struggles she has faced, but also the ones she is facing still. For example, the credit advice and starting early was something I could really relate to especially in this stage in my life because I'm not old enough to have a full perfect credit score, but I'm old enough to start going and recently just started my first steps towards getting credit. It wasn't only the advice that spoke out more than she may have meant to, it was little things that she incorporates to her business that gave me learnings and teachings to stem out of my comfort zone so that I can incorporate that in my business. An example of that was like when she said that the technologies and times are changing so she tries to keep as updated as she possibly can with things like social media, and more. She may have not meant to open that idea in my head, she was just answering my question, and because I feel like she didn't mean to, very genuine and real teachings came out of that. I may not know exactly what it is I'd want to do yet but I do know that the things we discussed through this interview will help me consider things maybe I hadn't even touched the surface on in my head, and because of that I feel like I can do it, even if it may take struggle and sacrifice, I feel a sense of comfort that I can make it if I put my effort in the right places.

Date Submitted: 2019-04-25 23:33:40

What's meaningful to me in this project is I get to face to face learn from an expert who is in the industry make a living on his expertise. The real world experience is more important than what we learn in school. After the interview with this entrepreneur I realize the seriousness of this line of work. So I can think it over before I decide whether this is the right path for me to choose. I will still pursuit the architecture education and find a job at a firm to explore all the good, bad, and ugly. Until then I still love architecture.
Date Submitted: 2019-04-25 23:52:17

The most meaningful thing to me about this project was getting the insight from entrepreneurs already with their own business, talking to them about their business in an interview manner was interesting to me. It also meant the most to hear about the process of a business making it tangible to myself allowing for a higher belief of possibility. I often wonder about who, and how they got started and I slowly realized many of the businesses surrounding my daily life all started somewhere, probably in my same position. That to me, was most meaningful, to hear about the journey to success from ordinary everyday people. I took to heart learning about the attitude and determination you carry has a direct impact on business and the direction you want it to go. I took this project as a process to my soon to be successful business to learn as much as possible in order to thrive.
Date Submitted: 2019-05-03 16:30:03

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