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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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Insights Learned: A couple insights I felt like I pulled away from this sit down was the amount of effort it takes to pursue what your passion is. Each question opened a new aspect and world of ideas to different parts of questions I felt like were unanswered before this. For myself, I always wondered how do people figure out, this, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but after talking to someone who figured it out in their own way, it makes sense. Out of all her options when asking if she could do anything else, they all seemed relatively far off from one another, but they all had similar attributes she analyzed to fit her own personal passion. As a young male, I feel like a lot of the pressure falls on the category I'm affiliated with to figure out which direction career wise we would want to go, but there's a lot of different directions I want to go into. It gave me a sense of comfort knowing someone that already made it had the same confusion I'm currently in to pick one solid career, and a little backstory of my troubles can be demonstrated by this fact about myself; just through my first year of college alone I've changed my major three times.
Another thing I felt was particularly insightful was, she didn't just talk about how she climbed the ladder and made it on her own or she didn't flaunt her accomplishments out there. She was very humble, and even talked about the mistakes rather than her successes a big percentage of the time. I felt that was really speaking louder than words because she not only touched upon struggles she has faced, but also the ones she is facing still. For example, the credit advice and starting early was something I could really relate to especially in this stage in my life because I'm not old enough to have a full perfect credit score, but I'm old enough to start going and recently just started my first steps towards getting credit. It wasn't only the advice that spoke out more than she may have meant to, it was little things that she incorporates to her business that gave me learnings and teachings to stem out of my comfort zone so that I can incorporate that in my business. An example of that was like when she said that the technologies and times are changing so she tries to keep as updated as she possibly can with things like social media, and more. She may have not meant to open that idea in my head, she was just answering my question, and because I feel like she didn't mean to, very genuine and real teachings came out of that. I may not know exactly what it is I'd want to do yet but I do know that the things we discussed through this interview will help me consider things maybe I hadn't even touched the surface on in my head, and because of that I feel like I can do it, even if it may take struggle and sacrifice, I feel a sense of comfort that I can make it if I put my effort in the right places.

Date Submitted: 2019-04-25 23:33:40

What's meaningful to me in this project is I get to face to face learn from an expert who is in the industry make a living on his expertise. The real world experience is more important than what we learn in school. After the interview with this entrepreneur I realize the seriousness of this line of work. So I can think it over before I decide whether this is the right path for me to choose. I will still pursuit the architecture education and find a job at a firm to explore all the good, bad, and ugly. Until then I still love architecture.
Date Submitted: 2019-04-25 23:52:17

Here you will enter in two strong paragraphs about what was most meaningful about the completion of this project. Each paragraph should be at least 125 words.

There is much for us to learn as we outreach into the world of small business and entrepreneurship, as well as analyze the insights provided.
Date Submitted: 2021-07-20 03:30:41

The most meaningful to me about this project is I could have the chance directly face to face meet with the entrepreneur in a specific business that I interest in. His personal experience is strongly connected to the current market trends and obviously gives me good insight for their business as well as the market. The challenges they faced gives me more inspiration about the supply chains problems as well as the potential business opportunities. But he also kindly provides very useful suggestions about the resources that I could search, the platform I could seek and the application I could use for the startup which really decreases my time of learning and potential loss. The kindness and the act of giving back to the community and new entrepreneur shows the entrepreneurial spirit.

From the interview, I have the chance to hear their entrepreneurial spirit and it really touched me, because I really understand the harsh situation they faced and the struggle they have to make the business survive. And the result is not only they survive, they actually expand in a really great speed by their own hand, by their hardworking. Their advice and suggestion become the meaning of this project and the project becomes even more meaningful when I find the valuable thing from the face-to-face meeting. It is the spirt of entrepreneur that I want to have and I hope I could possess it for my own business. Thus, I am grateful to meet the entrepreneur and I wish to work and might be business corporate with them.
Date Submitted: 2021-10-18 05:18:34

The most meaningful thing to me about this project is the fact that it proves you can start a small company and become successful by a single person. When I started my business I was unsure whether I would be able to succeed and expand. My business is an extremely low initial investment just like my interviewee’s, and it makes me more confident that I will eventually be able to make a living through my business. After some thoughts, an insurance agency has a lot more in common to my business than I initially believed. Both companies have to directly interact with people, and provide services based on researching and relaying information. As I am not too familiar with insurance agencies, I believe having my interviewee’s contacts can help me when I’m in need of insurance for my small business.
Something else that was meaningful to me was the advice I was given. I could tell my interviewee really wanted to share their experience starting a business. They claimed that you should start a business doing what you are really passionate about, or you may get burned out in the long run. I can certainly see myself being burned out with my current business in a few years. My reason for starting a zero investment business is to generate enough income, so that I may continue doing what I love, programming. Currently, my business is taking up half my time, and school the other half, and I’m left with no time for my hobbies. I hope to automate my current business and start another company doing what I’m passionate about, like my interviewee suggested.
Date Submitted: 2021-10-20 22:47:47

This interview was actually really inspiring to me and taught me a lot about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Doing it in person and really being able to see the emotion Michael was expressing and being able to see how passionate he was about his company was probably the most important thing I learned. He touched on this in the last question where he talked about the most important tip he had for me. Being passionate about the business you are starting like he said is the most important thing. This will give you the desire to get past all of the hard times he talked about. However I point I wanted to bring up to him was how he talked about how he wasn’t passionate about the company when he first joined it. He did not even have a desire to be apart of it long term. Maybe this passion that he talked about is something that can be learned overtime.

As for the actual logistics about running a business that Michael talked about I learned that it does not take much to start one. A lot of the skills that Michael has now, he learned as he went and every obstacle he encountered, he learned how to get over. The internet was his biggest tool and he found some fantastic resources such as Legal Zoom and ADP to really in a way hold his hand when it came to the more difficult tasks. The way he explained it to me, his time and amount of effort it would take to learn all of those things was more valuable to him then whatever fee they charged him or are still charging him for in order to help him out. Instead of hiring an entire team of people like large companies do to do the same tasks, he can go here to do all of the same things for a fraction of the cost. Micheal echoed the book we are reading by saying time is his most valuable resource and that is just something you learn by running a successful company.
Date Submitted: 2021-10-21 04:10:20

The most meaningful thing about this project is how my entrepreneur I interviewed was willing to help me out. He has multiple businesses to run and went out of his way to give me this information even when his plate is full he made time. He could have not responded or declined but he didn't, Goes to show he cares about helping others in their business and values his followers. Not only in this project he helped out but in my ecommerce business and others he continues to provide value and knowledge for us through his platforms online.
He is also very humble even though he has many achievements in his young career. We see this when he says he is always learning and is open minded, he also shows some weaknesses he posses. My entrepreneur is also not chasing money directly but freedom. He does this by being his own boss and not working for an employer or corporation.
Date Submitted: 2021-10-21 17:41:31

One of the most meaningful things I received from this project was clarity and encouragement. Talking to someone who has put in the ground work and succeeded has showed me that I too can succeed if I follow the same dedication. In her discussions she broke down the foundations of a strong business and how I can apply those to my own business plan. She also showed me the importance of knowing your craft and knowing it well, this encouraged me to broaden my crafts skills and knowledge of small businesses. If I keep learning to improve my craft and investing in my business will only grow from that. This project was a major motivation to get started on things I’ve learned in this class and make moves to start my business.
Another amazing thing I received from this interview was a freelance job taking pictures for my interviewee. Since this is something she was looking to improve from her website I offered her my availability to help out. Being able to give her something for her help really made her appreciate this project and helped me get the most out of her answers. Along with this side job that might lead to other great ventures and other streams of revenue, she has also offered to mentor me and help me get started on my business goals. This is something I would have never received if I hadn’t taken the time to network and ask someone I did not know but look up to for this Entrepreneur Interview.
Date Submitted: 2021-10-22 00:58:27

I particularly grew up in the office. I would spend most days at the office, helping with whatever I could, but little did I know one day I would actually be working here. I would hear stories about how the business got started but I never truly paid attention to it. Numbers and paperwork that sounded boring, no thank you. Not only did I get more knowledge regarding how to start and continue with the business, I got to hear some very cool and inspiring stories. I always thought that having a business meant just opening it and having other people do the work for you while you stayed home and only come to your office when you were bored or needed to be there. But after taking management classes and talking to the entrepreneur I see that my idea was completely wrong. There are many things that happen behind the scenes that very few people see and understand. People do not see the time, the effort, and endless nights needed to manage a business.
The most meaningful thing that I learned from this project was the process, time, and energy needed to start and maintain a business. You need to know what type of business you want to get into and have a reason for choosing that business. I really liked how the entreupreuneur answered questions six and eight. I like how they pointed out that before they started their business, they researched all the locations they had in mind to open their office and compared all the expenses from each location to choose the optimal location. I like how the entrepreneur pointed out that you should “ dedicate yourself to the business body and soul for at least 36 months”, in order for your business to be successful. It shows how much effort you need to run a business. The entrepreneur continuously would emphasize the importance of education and how important it is to continue to learn. Gaining new skills can open many doors that were previously closed, but now you have the skills and confidence needed to keep that door open.
Date Submitted: 2021-10-22 05:42:55

The meaningful thing I learned throughout this entire process being that I one day want to be able to start my own business just like the individual I just interview is that I now know what obstacles I am going to face and now how I am going to handle this. This opened my eyes in many different ways because as I am starting from something this individual told me that you can one day have nothing but putting in the time and effort to work smart and hard I will one day do what I love.
Date Submitted: 2021-10-22 05:57:41

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